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2018 Spring Catalog

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2018 Christmas Catalog

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Lighted Sculptures
03277 - 30" Color Changing Ornament Lighted Sculpture. 128 LED Lights included. Other variations include a Christmas Tree, Gift Box Set With Bows, Motion Reindeer, Reindeer, Motion Horse & Carriage, Horse, Sleigh, Snowman, Angel, Fox and Road Signs.
03328 - Laser Red/Green Dot Projector. Variations include Laser Projectors, Laser Motion Projectors, LED Revolving Image Projectors, LED Revolving Multi-Light Projectors and Indoor Revolving Projector Ornaments.
Lighted Polyresin Figures
03172 - 37" LED Polyresin Pixie Elf With Horn. Other variations include Nutcracker, Stacked Elves, Stacked Snowmen, Drummer With Moving Drumsticks, Drummer and Joy Ornament Balls.